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Louis and I are off to Denver today, and I couldn’t b e more excited to get a glimpse of those Rocky Mountains in the springtime. We’ve just got one important stop along the way, and into the Rockies we go for a whole month. I am anxious to re-discover so many parts of this beautiful state. I often feel quite homesick for the view I grew up with, so much nature and colors. I suppose it’s time to dive into my roots!

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Tea Time - De quelle planète es-tu? 1

Tea Time - De quelle planète es-tu? 3 Tea Time - De quelle planète es-tu? 4

Tea Time - De quelle planète es-tu? 5

With this winter cold, a warm cup of tea does just the thing.

Have you seen all the adorable tea party goodness on Lovely Stitch?

Need some tips on making a good chai?

I just love this mint sweater.

This place looks fabulous for snacks and tea.

One of my favorite spots for an afternoon tea is Colorova.

Dying to go back to Amsterdam just to go to this place.

Tea parties out are great… so are tea parties at home.

Where do you like to sip tea and stay cozy in the winter?

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All images via VintageGal‘s Tumblr

These vintage Valentines are just a hoot. I can’t get over how precious they are. I want to meet the people who wrote the copy.

I am now having a nostalgic moment of decorating a box to bring to school for exchanging valentines. It was always so difficult to choose which theme to go with. What a fun tradition.

What are you doing for your Valentine this year? I’ve got a few things up my sleeve…