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La Défense is such an interesting part of town. It is so spacious and modern, and when you’re so used to the beige Parisian buildings, it’s a mind twist! Plus, I had no idea there was so much modern art and statues and the likes there. I can’t wait to go back in the summertime. I will post more pictures from Valerie & I’s adventure on here soon.

I love mixing styles, and what better than polka dots with my grandmother’s Native American jewelry?

Finally got some of these ball lights that I’ve been drooling over. More girly goodness à la maison. Pourquoi pas?

P.S. Need some visually pleasing & adorably clever French lessons?

Creative Mornings - Happiness - De quelle planète es-tu? Déj simple & français - De quelle planète es-tu? Le Foodist - Daring Pairing - De quelle planète es-tu?

This morning I went to Creative Mornings for the first time, enfin! I have been meaning to go for quite some time now. The speaker, Christian de Boisredon, creator of Spark News, gave a prez titled “Happiness”. It was so nice to get some inspiration so early in the day.

Sometimes a simple lunch is just what I need. I am getting better and better at making homemade croque monsieurs. Gettin’ creative!

On Monday night, I was so lucky to get to check out Le Foodist‘s Daring Pairing. These happen a few times per month, and are a great way to discover French culture through two of France’s most prided things: cheese and wine. I can now safely say which cheeses can go with Sancerre, Corbières and Jurancon, and Saint Emilion. Bring it on. I can’t wait to take my mom to do this when she visits next!

I hope your week was smashing.