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Gratin is one of my favorite things. I love casseroles. Basically anything involving heaps of flavors cooked with cheese has always been my calling. I’m pretty sure it all started with discovering broccoli cheddar casserole at Thanksgivings. One weekend for a game night at home with friends, Olivia threw together a casserole with some veggies from the in-law’s garden and it was magic.

Gratins are easy dishes that just require only an oven and all of your favorite ingredients. That’s another reason I love them, they are so simple! For this recipe we went with kale, butternut squash and potato, topped with cheese, obviously.

What you’ll need :
A pan or two
2 handfuls of kale
1 sweet potato
1 zucchini
2 medium-sized potatoes
3 cloves of garlic cut up
Grated cheese (I prefer Emmental or Cantal)
Salt & pepper
Spices (Paprika, Herbs)

Cook the butternut squash, zucchini and potatoes prior to baking. Chop the squash, potatoes and kale up. Butter your pan and layer in the ingredients (I always start with potatoes). Throw in your garlic, salt, pepper, and spices in between the layers. You can also put cheese in between layers if you’re a cheese lover. Once approaching the top of the pan, leave at least 1cm to pile on some cheese to bake and add that extra gratin goodness. Bake the gratin until all cheese is melted and the top is golden brown. Serve while hot, and enjoy.

Cooks for 6-8 hungry people, plus leftovers (I’m bad at judging quantity). It’s easy to go overboard, but it saves well for a couple of days.

lillet-rose-cocktail-diy-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-05Ever since discovering Lillet Rosé at their launch party in Paris last fall, I have fallen hard for their cocktails. Lillet Rosé is a refreshing beverage with a bit more punch than your classic wine – it is what they call an aperitif wine – equally delightful when it’s on the rocks with a slice of orange or mixed in with other flavors and liquors to make for a fantastically crafted and peachy colored cocktail.

With Olivia on a Friday night in, we decided to add a few of our favorite things and make our own little fruity cocktail inspired by one of the classic Lillet Rosé cocktails.

We probably should have put the ice cubes in the mixer and the fruit afterwards, but hey, it’s all about learning! Also, add the tonic water at the very end for better results. Enjoy!


To see more video collaborations with Cleopatra’s Bling, click here.

Pancakes-by-Olivia-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-05If you’re looking to spice up your classic pancake mix a bit, this is exactly what you need. This is a little recipe that my lovely friend Olivia made for me one morning after a sleepover to go with our epic green smoothie.

Once your traditional pancake mix is prepared, mix in the following ingredients:

- 3 tablespoons of chia seeds
- 1 thumb-sized piece of ginger, grated
- 1 teaspoon of powdered cinnamon
- 1 teaspoon of coconut oil

Then let the batter sit for an hour or so, and proceed to your classic pancake making extravaganza. If you don’t have, or aren’t in the mood for maple syrup, mix together some natural yogurt, frozen raspberries and honey for a flavorful topping.

Pancakes-by-Olivia-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-01 Pancakes-by-Olivia-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-02 Pancakes-by-Olivia-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-03 Pancakes-by-Olivia-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-04

Green-Smoothie-De-quelle-planete-es-tu15Olivia has taught me to make the most delicious smoothies. This bad boy is one of my favorites, and its quite the morning boost.

What you’ll need:

- Chia seeds
- 1 ripe avocado
- Coconut water
- A handful of kale
- 2 tablespoons of powdered supergreens
- A handful of raspberries
- Honey to taste

Soak chia seeds in coconut water directly in your mixing vessel for 30 minutes. Add the ingredients into the vessel and mix.

For visual instructions, watch the video here.

Green-Smoothie-De-quelle-planete-es-tu01 Green-Smoothie-De-quelle-planete-es-tu02 Green-Smoothie-De-quelle-planete-es-tu03 Green-Smoothie-De-quelle-planete-es-tu04 Green-Smoothie-De-quelle-planete-es-tu05 Green-Smoothie-De-quelle-planete-es-tu06 Green-Smoothie-De-quelle-planete-es-tu07 Green-Smoothie-De-quelle-planete-es-tu08 Green-Smoothie-De-quelle-planete-es-tu09 Green-Smoothie-De-quelle-planete-es-tu10 Green-Smoothie-De-quelle-planete-es-tu11 Green-Smoothie-De-quelle-planete-es-tu12 Green-Smoothie-De-quelle-planete-es-tu13 Green-Smoothie-De-quelle-planete-es-tu14Green-Smoothie-De-quelle-planete-es-tu16 Green-Smoothie-De-quelle-planete-es-tu17 Green-Smoothie-De-quelle-planete-es-tu18You can also watch the video post for this recipe here.