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This pain au chocolat is from Louis’s favorite boulangerie …..which is saying a lot from a Parisian. It’s called Le Moulin Vert, on the corner of Rue Didot and Rue du Moulin Vert in the 14th, right off of metro Alésia. They have the most delicious pastries that are different (and better!) than the classic ones on every street corner. The peeps who work there aren’t very likable, but their treats certainly are. Definitely worth a try.

This week has been all about the recognition of major transitions. It’s that time of year. Very soon things will be very different. Not only in a new apartment, but a new daily routine, new faces and new places. It’s refreshing.

Have a lovely Sunday.

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Two new blogs I started following from Lovelorn Unicorn‘s blogroll: Commas + Clauses and Clever Nettle.

Dreaming of a Colorado winter, even with no snow.

Which district should I stroll in next?

Do you know Wouffi’s Bakery? A friend of mine showed me this site and it sure is lovely!

I’m trying to decide which flavor from Lola’s Cookies I’ll order for housewarming holidays…. Hmmm!

What’s on your Christmas tree this year? My mom has the best taste in ornaments for my family….