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albert-kahn-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-06I am still not over this weather. Somewhere inside me I still feel like I may need some more winter chills, or was I took busy with work and didn’t see the winter season pass us by? As I haven’t seen snow, I’m a bit puzzled.

Regardless, flowers are blooming and Parisian blue skies are bringing out the terrace seating and packed parks. As the days get longer I get mad at myself that I am anxious to wear my sunglasses a lot, and wander without a scarf and hat in my bag at all times with a big coat and heavy socks. For a girl who always loved the winter chills, perhaps this year I’m prematurely ready for Spring, and I blame this sudden burst of warmth.

One place I like to go for a stroll in the springtime is the Jardin Albert Kahn. It’s a magical little area just on the outskirts of Paris, like the Serres d’Auteuil, which are also magical, a beautiful park with various gardens. If this sun keeps up I’m going to have to go for a stroll there in the near future. Where do you go for a stroll as soon as the weather shapes up?

albert-kahn-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-02albert-kahn-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-01 albert-kahn-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-03 albert-kahn-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-04 albert-kahn-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-05Jardin Albert Kahn
10-14 Rue du Port, 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt
Tél: 01 55 19 28 00
Métro: Boulogne – Pont de Saint Cloud (10)


Serres-d'Auteuil-Paris-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-01I remember when we first moved to the 16th people would always be like, “but that’s such a lame area, there’s nothing to do”, amongst other comments. I’ve always just been happy to live anywhere within Paris’s city limits. Paris is small, and always evolving. It’s easy to get around, so I really don’t give a rat’s ass about living in a “cool” neighborhood. I’d rather like my apartment than live near a bar I frequent… My personal opinion, but hey. This is just to say that Parisian “lame” neighborhoods can surprise you!

My mother-in-law, however, immediately said when we moved where we did: “You guys will be so close to the Serres d’Auteuil!” with such amazement and excitement. Well, she was right. We are very close to what is now one of my favorite places in all of Paris for a stroll: Les Serres d’Auteuil. The park and botanical gardens were initially created in 1761 before being abandoned. The greenhouses that are present today were built in 1895 when the city of Paris took it over.

This magical part of Paris is just on the city’s southern border. It consists of a complex of greenhouses in the middle of a beautiful park that is never crowded. Valerie and I went for a stroll there at the end of the summer on a hot day, and since I’ve really enjoyed going back in the autumn (Stacey Lamb took some awesome pictures of Olivia and I there, that I will share in the near future on here).

The park and botanical gardens are open year round, with free entry.

Serres-d'Auteuil-Paris-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-02 Serres-d'Auteuil-Paris-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-03 Serres-d'Auteuil-Paris-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-04 Serres-d'Auteuil-Paris-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-05 Serres-d'Auteuil-Paris-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-06 Serres-d'Auteuil-Paris-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-07 Serres-d'Auteuil-Paris-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-08 Serres-d'Auteuil-Paris-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-09 Serres-d'Auteuil-Paris-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-10 Serres-d'Auteuil-Paris-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-11 Serres-d'Auteuil-Paris-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-12 Serres-d'Auteuil-Paris-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-13 Serres-d'Auteuil-Paris-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-14 Serres-d'Auteuil-Paris-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-15 Serres-d'Auteuil-Paris-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-16 Serres-d'Auteuil-Paris-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-17 Serres-d'Auteuil-Paris-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-18 Serres-d'Auteuil-Paris-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-19 Serres-d'Auteuil-Paris-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-20 Serres-d'Auteuil-Paris-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-21 Serres-d'Auteuil-Paris-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-22 Serres-d'Auteuil-Paris-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-23 Serres-d'Auteuil-Paris-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-24 Serres-d'Auteuil-Paris-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-25 Serres-d'Auteuil-Paris-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-26 Serres-d'Auteuil-Paris-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-27 Serres-d'Auteuil-Paris-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-28 Serres-d'Auteuil-Paris-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-29 Serres-d'Auteuil-Paris-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-30 Serres-d'Auteuil-Paris-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-31 Serres-d'Auteuil-Paris-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-32 Serres-d'Auteuil-Paris-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-33 Serres-d'Auteuil-Paris-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-34

Paris’s Promenade Plantée- also known as the Coulée Verte- is often compared to New York’s highline, as it is a  lovely green stroll in the middle of the city. Spanning across the 12th district of Paris, the Coulée Verte reaches a total of 4.5 kilometers, all the way from Bastille to the Bois de Vincennes, following the old Vincennes rail line. Interestingly enough, the Promenade Plantée’s elevated park was the only one of it’s kind for many years when first constructed in the early 90′s  (source).

Promenade Plantée, Coulée Verte, Paris 12thPromenade Plantée, Coulée Verte, Paris 12thPromenade Plantée, Coulée Verte, Paris 12thPromenade Plantée, Coulée Verte, Paris 12thPromenade Plantée, Coulée Verte, Paris 12thPromenade Plantée, Coulée Verte, Paris 12thFlower Walk, Paris, Flower Walk, Coulee Verte, Paris, 12thFlower Walk, Coulee Verte, Paris, De quelle planete es tu?Promenade Plantée ParisParis Flower WalkParis Flower WalkPromenade Plantée ParisPromenade Plantée, Coulée Verte, Paris 12th

Promenade Plantée, Coulée Verte, Paris 12th

Part of what is so unique about this flower walk are the ups and downs through buildings and parks and tunnels… with several different atmospheres, views and Parisian personalities…. all on one fantastic flowery walk!

I find this to be one of the most charming places in Paris. It is different than any other stroll, and you can see so many different landscapes of one beautiful city on a clearly laid out path. You can cross the entire thing, or you can start somewhere in the middle and wander either way, the choice is yours! The flowers will be ready to greet you and make you smile. When down in the tunnels you won’t feel like you’re in a city anymore, and when you cross the Jardin de Reuilly you’ll probably be urged to stop and have a picnic there on the seemingly fresh green grass contrasting so nicely with the beige Parisian buildings and the  blue sky. It’s just wonderful.

The Promenade Plantée is open daily from 9am to 8pm or 9pm depending on the season.