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Another Ode to snackies in NYC. And this one is really full of color.

This place is absolutely delicious (do I say that about everything?) When my twin and mom were in town we popped up to the Upper East Side to check out this little piece of heaven. From the get-go, the polka dots lured me inside. The cupcakes were different than a lot of them in NYC—- the way the icing was spread—- little polka dots on top—- it made it a pinch different than any other cupcake I had seen around. They even have PUPPY CUPCAKES! Talk about a niche market. I thought it was adorable. It reminded me of when I would go to Einstein’s Bagels as a kid and get the Doggie Bagels for my pups. That kind of thing made me so happy! I was a perky child.

Anyway, they’ve got Sprinkles in several cities, check out their website to find out if one is coming near you! Even for a chain of cupcake shops, they still have their spunk, and deliciously moist flavorful cupcakes.

This week has flown by. I wonder where the time goes. But autumn is approaching. Are you ready for fall? I am ready to whip out the coats and boots. Also on the plate this next few weeks are some great markets and vide-greniers. You can check out where they are in Paris here. It’s always fun to let your eyes wander through all the treasures. I also got to make it up to a certain cupcake shop up in the 17th for a snack. Anyone want to join?

Speaking of food, a friend of mine started a Bio Food Blog all about Organic Restos & Recipes in and around Paris called Off We Bio. Check it out right here.

Check it out if you’re in the big apple here:

Sprinkles NYC.

Address: 780 lexington avenue

#: 212. 207 8375

… is there such a selection of great places with delicious Mac ‘N Cheese! This place especially: S’mac.

Wait a minute… do I already miss one of America’s most tasteful treasures? MAC N CHEESE? I mean, I can get it here at Hard Rock, but that’s for last resort. However my friend Emilie did indeed show me an AMAZING recipe [more on that later]. Sometimes you just want a good ol’ sit down restaurant style bowl of Mac N Cheese (the one at the Brooklyn Bowl was also fantastic, sprinkled in bread crumbs… mmm). Let’s just say it’s brought it to a whole new level.

S’Mac has got a Noodles & Co-type feel. You know, that not-fast-food-but-not-quite-sit-down-restaurant-type feel. They’ve got two store fronts in the East Village: one with all the to-go preps, and another with self seating. You can go from pizza-like Mac ‘N Cheese  mixed in with with tomatoes & basil galore,  to 4 cheese, or even to something as crazy as Philly Cheese Steak. There are four different sizes, so even if it’s just for a snack, S’Mac will fill you up just as much as you would like.

Address: 345 East 12th Street (In between 1st Ave & 2nd Ave)
Tél: 212-358-7912