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When Louis and I were visiting my Uncle in Hawaii, we knew we’d have to climb a crater. It’s just one of those things, right? Right outside of Honolulu is Hawaii Kai, the home of the Koko Crater. We set ourselves to embark up the Koko Crater, which was our view when we woke up in the mornings. The West side has an abandoned set of railway tracks that were apparently used during World War II to transport supplies and personnel to the top of the crater, a lookout point.

You’ve got to be on your game as climbing those tracks is no easy task. It seems so simple when looking from afar and even still when you start, but once you start you realize how steep it gets, and how thirsty you get, you realize you were wrong. Not to mention there are active runners and joggers in fancy running gear hopping between the wood beams like it’s easy breezy. This was no slice of pie!

Once at the top of Pu’u Mai, the crater’s highest peak, you forget that the hike was tiring as fuck un the heat and that you shouldn’t have brought a big bag (I was that person). The view beyond Sandy Beach and Hanauma bay, the whole Eastern shoreline of Oahu all the way to Honolulu with the blue blue ocean as far as you can see you simply makes you realize how beautiful the world is and just how small we humans are. We wandered around the top for a little while, checking out the abandoned dollies, manmade cells and huge cement platforms that are left from World War II. The are wild flowers and dirt trails, obviously a lot of tourists, but a panoramic view that made my heart skip a few beats. We just sat and gazed off into the distance.

On a sidenote, going down was actually quite stressful with the railway beams just far enough apart to make it difficult and all those marathon-like runners literally running down next to us. That was our only work out while visiting Hawaii. There’s even a Yelp for this hike, ha!

Evergreen, Colorado - De quelle planète es tu? 1Evergreen, Colorado - De quelle planète es tu? 12Evergreen, Colorado - De quelle planète es tu? 11Evergreen, Colorado - De quelle planète es tu? 10Evergreen, Colorado - De quelle planète es tu? 9Evergreen, Colorado - De quelle planète es tu? 8Evergreen, Colorado - De quelle planète es tu? 7Evergreen, Colorado - De quelle planète es tu? 6Evergreen, Colorado - De quelle planète es tu? 5Evergreen, Colorado - De quelle planète es tu? 4Evergreen, Colorado - De quelle planète es tu? 3Evergreen, Colorado - De quelle planète es tu?  2Evergreen, Colorado is a little wonderland about 20 miles west of Denver. As kids we would spend a lot of time here as a family friend lived close by, and now that my mom lives up there, I am so excited to be able to rediscover this beautiful area.

Evergreen started to become populated around the late 1800’s, and continued to grow as it provided lumber for the buildings of Denver. Once roads through the mountains were improved, it became a popular summer destination. You can read more about what you can do in Evergreen here. If you’re driving through the Rockies, on your way to the ski resorts, I highly suggest swinging by Evergreen!

Downtown Evergreen is basically one main street, filled with the basics and a few specialty shops. It is the home of the Little Bear, a western saloon that my parents would go to before I was born to dance and drink, and the Baskin Robbins where my brother had his first taste of ice cream! There are many galleries as well, and Evergreen’s winery, Creekside Cellars.

This area is filled with so many family memories, and it was so wonderful to stroll down Evergreen’s main street with my mom to reminisce and hear all of the stories she had to tell from the 80’s.

My favorite Evergreen spots:

Beaujo’s Pizza

Creekside Cellars Winery

Ice House Café & Coffeeroasters

Little Bear

Rio del Sol