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To wrap up the summer season, Louis and I were so excited to bring some friends to the house in the countryside. It’s the kind of place that is certainly worth sharing- and besides, who doesn’t want a weekend getaway outside of the stress of the week and Paris? (I mean, we all adore Paris, but let’s be honest, getting to somewhere calmer for the weekend is fabulous and anyone who tells you differently is lying).

So, Haleigh, Marissa, Ylenia and their beaus came down for a weekend amongst the flowers. It was a weekend to enjoy some nature, and to make some time to cook delicious things with garden finds, to pair with our perfect BBQ goodies.

Sharing such a beautiful place and a place we love so much with friends really made my heart all fuzzy. It’s kind of like sharing a little part of yourself in many ways, a place where so many memories are made and where more will continue to be made with dear friends.


Summer is rolling out. I’m hoping this Indian summer will stick around just a few days more before the leaves fully turn and fall from their branches and the rain falls more often.

This summer Louis and I didn’t get vacation. I know, surprising being in France, the country with 5 weeks paid vacation which is often unheard of to most hardworking Americans. As I had just started my new permanent contract (paid vacation days have to be earned throughout the first year for the following year… vivement next year!) and Louis just started a new project, we had to swing through summer working full time on our mix and match schedules. We have nothing to complain about though; we are loving what we do, and this summer we took in slow, enjoyed Paris, but also hopped on the highway just a short ride to the countryside for a breath of fresh air with the in-laws whenever we could. An excuse to get out of Paris on the weekends certainly made summer feel more real.

A la campagne it feels like summer year round. Not because of the weather, but because it’s relaxing and just so beautiful. We dine even with the chills outside, with light gardlands lit and candles topping the table as soon as the sun goes down, it is as charming as ever. With the foggy mornings and flowers for every season in bloom throughout the year, it’s safe to say that the countryside is pure magic. My father-in-law’s garden was at its peak later than expected this year, so our fruit and veggie explorations were the cherry on top of a good weekend away during the Indian summer.

I suppose with age and wonderful experiences I’m realizing that summer doesn’t only consist in getting away for vacation to a beach somewhere. A weekend away in good company, delicious and quality grub in a beautifully cozy home can certainly suffice. What makes your summer feel like summer?


When mom visited a few weeks ago we made sure to have a weekend in the countryside with my honey’s family. It was only a few days after our darling Jefferson arrived, so he tagged along to soak up the sun in Montargis.

The weekend was filled with berries from the garden and refreshing snacks like fromage blanc with mint and cucumber, tomato mozzarella salads (& other epic salads as per ususal) topped with capucines and of course some delicious wine. The flowers were in perfect bloom and allowed for infinite strolls.

I’m already dreaming of the next weekend away…

Watch a little video from this magical weekend here.


These past two months have been pretty intense with my new rhythm… new job, new habits, the new season rolling in (spring was halfway here and winter never fully came in my opinion. Where was the snow?) Needless to say, I’m ready for summer and some good ol’ vitamin D.

With all of the energy being put towards the new job, I know I’ve been a bit missing in action and perhaps my posts haven’t been as full of heart as they have been before or should…the weekends away give me a chance to have some deep sleeps uninterrupted by bizarre noises coming from my building’s courtyard, and to get away from the stress that everyday life in Paris brings: tourists blocking all of the bike paths on my route to work, intensely long lines at the supermarket when you’ve only got 2 things in your basket, with caissières who don’t have a care in the world, bourgeois pricks that take eternity to enter their damn pincode in the card reader, lines out the door for the boulangerie. With all of these everyday things that make me bite my lip just a little bit, a weekend just outside the city does my soul some good.

My father-in-laws garden is being prepared for the season, camellias and other various flowers are in full bloom. Even with some rain showers, or in the dead of winter, this place has a magic touch.

I do love city life and wouldn’t change it for anything, but only if it involves a few breaks out in the countryside. Even the shortest of breaks away from the hustle bustle allow us to recharge.

Christmas-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-01Christmas-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-07Christmas-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-06Christmas-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-05 Christmas-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-08 Christmas-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-09 Christmas-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-10         Christmas-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-03Christmas-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-02Christmas-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-04La-buche-de-noel-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-01la-buche-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-FASTChristmas-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-13Christmas-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-14Christmas-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-15Christmas-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-12Christmas-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-11This Christmas was so magical.

We indulged in the traditional French Christmas grub – both savory and sweet – and I shared a bit of my American traditions by making my step dad’s all-star deliciously epic breakfast strata, which I must say was quite impressive (recipe for a breakfast strata à la française coming soon).

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas filled with warmth, loved ones and some champagne.