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Making the most of limited footage. I totally thought I took more video than I actually did. This video showcases what I did take, with one of my favorite songs.

p.s. Due to the lack of footage… and most of it being of delicious Colorado craft beers…. my apologies for making it seem like all I did was taste beer when I was home for the holidays. Which is not entirely false, but still.

p.p.s. Missing you so much, all of my Denverites.

Fourmetot, Pont Audemer, Normandie

Fourmetot is right by Pont Audemer, which is where I learned French while studying abroad in high school for a year. It is such a cute place and Normandy is just fantastic. It’s refreshing to get out of Parisland.

. . . . .

I really want one of these.

Smoothies are super delicious.

This looks yummy. Do you like shrimp?

Maybe the sun will come out to play so us Parisians can enjoy sitting on café terrasses.

This time last year I was here with one of my favorite people on this earth.