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Now that the second Mother’s Day has hit, la Fête des Mères, I realized I should write a little note on the subject. I’m somewhat obsessed with my mom. I’ve got pictures of my mom all over my walls: pictures of her on her wedding day with cake all over her face, pictures of her as a high school cheerleader in the 60s, portraits of her in her atelier, notably one where she is gazing into the camera and holding up her paintbrush circa 1980, pictures of her hippy self with the Rocky Mountains as the backdrop… I just love them. Photographs now may not be what they used to be, and are certainly less charming, which makes me realize that I have got some keepers. I wonder about what our old photos will look like in the future. I feel like with the digitalization of everything nothing will ever be able to naturally grow old. We can always just reprint a photo if the sun fades it. Frustrations.

I’m not sure I can accurately express how grateful I am to have been raised to be so open minded and passionate by such an open minded and passionate woman herself. She also always told me to be patient, which she knows she isn’t either, but it’s the reassuring part of motherly goodness. As a kid, and even now, with something as simple as a look in the eye with a certain intensity, I could understand a full message, which was usually involved with me being in trouble or being a brat, sigh. She would braid my hair so tight the night before I’d go skiing and she’d pull so unintentionally hard that my scalp would ache – apparently her mother did the same to her. She made us delicious breakfasts and dinners that when I try to remake them now are never as delicious solely for the reason that they weren’t made by her. She has a joie de vivre that I admire with all of my being.

I just hope someday when I’m a mama, I am as half as snazzy as the one pictured above.

Happy Mother’s day, to all of those mothers out there.

Mom's Studio - De quelle planete es tu :1Throughout the past months, I featured some pretty snazzy interiors… a series I look forward to continuing with my obsession of the spaces people surround themselves in.

This space is my mom’s little treasure. Her own studio where she does her artwork. Growing up we’ve always had an art room in our house, where mom would teach us tricks of the trade and we’d get to watch her do what she loves and we’d paint and sketch and sculpt…. but now that we’re older, her studio is her space for only her, where she draws inspiration and creates beauty. Gosh I am grateful to have grown up in such a creative environment!

My mom’s main creative choice is pastels, and an artist just like her mother. Her style, however, is different from that of my grandmother’s. She refers to herself as a modernist. Her specialty is painting old trucks and Colorado landscapes. My mom enjoys Plein Air, in places like Santa Fe or Taos, where she’ll be outside in a field doing pastels of the landscape. How peaceful does that sound?

Her space is so her. The studio houses all of the little things she loves: bright pastels and a vintage aisle, trinkets from Sante Fe and Native American tribes amongst other special things. This is her place of peace, and her place of inspiration. It’s so heartwarming to go home and rediscover all of her favorite things, and her decoration style. Everything on the shelves I know by heart, and knew where they were placed in previous houses. It’s funny how some things stay vivid in the memory.

Mom's Studio - De quelle planete es tu :2 Mom's Studio - De quelle planete es tu :3 Mom's Studio - De quelle planete es tu :4 Mom's Studio - De quelle planete es tu :5 Mom's Studio - De quelle planete es tu :6 Mom's Studio - De quelle planete es tu :7 Mom's Studio - De quelle planete es tu :8 Mom's Studio - De quelle planete es tu :9 Mom's Studio - De quelle planete es tu :10 Mom's Studio - De quelle planete es tu :12 Mom's Studio - De quelle planete es tu :13 Mom's Studio - De quelle planete es tu :14 Mom's Studio - De quelle planete es tu :15 Mom's Studio - De quelle planete es tu :16

Evergreen, Colorado - De quelle planète es tu? 1Evergreen, Colorado - De quelle planète es tu? 12Evergreen, Colorado - De quelle planète es tu? 11Evergreen, Colorado - De quelle planète es tu? 10Evergreen, Colorado - De quelle planète es tu? 9Evergreen, Colorado - De quelle planète es tu? 8Evergreen, Colorado - De quelle planète es tu? 7Evergreen, Colorado - De quelle planète es tu? 6Evergreen, Colorado - De quelle planète es tu? 5Evergreen, Colorado - De quelle planète es tu? 4Evergreen, Colorado - De quelle planète es tu? 3Evergreen, Colorado - De quelle planète es tu?  2Evergreen, Colorado is a little wonderland about 20 miles west of Denver. As kids we would spend a lot of time here as a family friend lived close by, and now that my mom lives up there, I am so excited to be able to rediscover this beautiful area.

Evergreen started to become populated around the late 1800’s, and continued to grow as it provided lumber for the buildings of Denver. Once roads through the mountains were improved, it became a popular summer destination. You can read more about what you can do in Evergreen here. If you’re driving through the Rockies, on your way to the ski resorts, I highly suggest swinging by Evergreen!

Downtown Evergreen is basically one main street, filled with the basics and a few specialty shops. It is the home of the Little Bear, a western saloon that my parents would go to before I was born to dance and drink, and the Baskin Robbins where my brother had his first taste of ice cream! There are many galleries as well, and Evergreen’s winery, Creekside Cellars.

This area is filled with so many family memories, and it was so wonderful to stroll down Evergreen’s main street with my mom to reminisce and hear all of the stories she had to tell from the 80’s.

My favorite Evergreen spots:

Beaujo’s Pizza

Creekside Cellars Winery

Ice House Café & Coffeeroasters

Little Bear

Rio del Sol

I think about Halloween as a kid in Colorado, and how I would plan my costume over the summer. My mom would make the most fabulous costumes… it was the staple of autumn. Running through the cornmazes, wandering streets with layers underneath our costumes, warming up Tootsie Rolls in my hands because the Colorado snow had frozen them in my pillowcase and I wanted oh so badly to gobble one up, drinking hot cider as the snow sometimes fell lightly against the moonlit sky… these memories are all so vibrant in my head.

Our house would be decked out head to toe with pumpkin lights on strings and fake spider webs and stashes of candy on the top shelf of the pantry. Paper plates always in orange and black and matching pumpkin napkins. It almost seems like it was another life.

Here in France, Halloween is not exactly the same Hallmark traditional holiday, but it is so refreshing every year to get a little care package from my maman to bring back all of the autumn and spooky memories.

She has the best taste in little trinkets and gifts. Nothing like a pinch of American Halloween in my little Parisian apartment. Let’s just say Louis loves candy corn now. There’s no such thing as a Halloween without candy corn, right? I hope your Halloween is filled with spooks and treats.

Don’t forget to watch Hocus Pocus.

My mom has big beautiful eyes.

My mom is an artist and an amazing teacher.

My mom makes a mean goulash.

She also makes delicious homemade cinnamon rolls.

My mom is addicted to lattes.

My mom loves shoes and dark chocolate.

My mom has the best taste for kid’s Halloween costumes.

My mom is rebellious with her gecko and swirl tattoos.

My mom rocks silver Native American jewelry like it’s her job.

My mom is a cycler and has been to the top of Le Mont Ventoux.

My mom has the cutest giggle after a few glasses of her fav’ red wine.

Happy Mother’s Day to such a wonderful woman, je t’aime.