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The third and final destination of the father-daughter trip in southeast Asia was the island nation of Bali, Indeonesia. We had tbe opportunity to discover two parts of the island, and this is the first of those two.

Kuta is known for its beaches and its surfing, which was obvious by just strolling: packed streets with surfshops and surfboard rental shops squished in between temps and local eats. The streets were itty bitty (I’m not even sure how some cars got through them… especially with loads of people always walking around) and filled with charm. The beach is walled off and is accessibly by adorable doorways. The beaches on this side of the island stretch northward as far as the eye can see. Women walk around ready to give massages, pedicures and manicures or sell serongs. The men walk around offering (for a small price) chairs or cold Bintang beers (an Indeonesian beer). People watching is at its peak.

We stayed in a hotel called Poppies, that my dad’s friend had suggested. This place was a hidden treasure behind the walls of local Kuta. Once you walk through the archway of Poppies-land, the hustle bustle disappears and you enter a green jungle with bungalows, random statues and preciousness everywhere.

The town almost reminded me of Beirut‘s Hamra- tiny streets with tons of shops, cafés and chains all around. The Starbucks, Pizza Hut and Surf Shops didn’t keep Bali from having it’s own little spin on things…. the motorbike. There were herds of people on scooters everywhere ALL THE TIME. It was baffling and so different and borderline funny. In Kuta you can rent a scooter for a few hours, a few years or however long you want. People from around the world discover Bali on two wheels. I had never seen anything like it. Instead of watching for speeding cars when you step out of the doorways from the beach or from hotels, you watch out for scooters that pop out of nowhere. The streets had the perfect mix of the modern world and the classic Indeonesian touch. The temples were beautiful and every corner had a little bundle of flowers on a tray for the gods.

As we were there in January, it was indeed the rainy season— but we still got some sun! And it was as hot as can be! Even the rainy days were charming.

*Note: We were told to only drink bottled water (even for brushing teeth!)

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Kuta Beach

Poppies Restaurant – Local and International Food

Un’s Restaurant – Local and International Food

TJ’s – Mexican Food

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On this same trip we hit up Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.