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lillet-rose-cocktail-diy-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-05Ever since discovering Lillet Rosé at their launch party in Paris last fall, I have fallen hard for their cocktails. Lillet Rosé is a refreshing beverage with a bit more punch than your classic wine – it is what they call an aperitif wine – equally delightful when it’s on the rocks with a slice of orange or mixed in with other flavors and liquors to make for a fantastically crafted and peachy colored cocktail.

With Olivia on a Friday night in, we decided to add a few of our favorite things and make our own little fruity cocktail inspired by one of the classic Lillet Rosé cocktails.

We probably should have put the ice cubes in the mixer and the fruit afterwards, but hey, it’s all about learning! Also, add the tonic water at the very end for better results. Enjoy!


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Smoothie, Raspberry, A la maisonSmoothie, Raspberry, A la maison

I’ve been really into smoothies lately. I suddenly started missing the smoothie shops in Denver and being able to just go and grab one on a hot day with oodles of vitamin C and deliciousness.

The simple smoothie above has the following ingredients:

  • red berries
  • natural yogurt
  • a banana
  • cranberry juice
  • honey

What do you like to put in your smoothie?

. . . . .

What about punch?

Or a smoothie with a little bite?

This is where I got super inspired.

And this green one looks delicious, too.

I’m so stoked to be here this weekend.