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Thanksgiving is such a lovely holiday. It’s always a feast. Celebration of community. Celebration of love and being able to recognize and share what we are thankful for …..everything and anything. The gathering of loved ones around delicious grub, what is better?

I have so many fond memories of huge meals with  siblings +1’s, extended family & friends, running to neighbors houses for missing ingredients and sharing of recipes, dressing up as pilgrims and indians at school as children (or at least going through those photos every year) and of course preparing to eat a large quantity of mashed potatoes, casserole and pumpkin pie. It’s just such a staple in the American year, and I am so happy to share it with people from all over the world here in Parisland.

This Thanksgiving I had some of my favorite people over for dinner, and we chatted and laughed and cheered and enjoyed oh so much food.

I was proud to finally make my mom’s garlic mashed potato recipe with delicious gravy. I’m pretty sure Thanksgiving can’t exist without mashed potatoes and deviled eggs. SIDENOTE: we did do a chicken Thanksgiving as I’m not a HUGE turkey fan…. The chicken was delicious though, and the sides made it  just as authentic as a Turkey Thanksgiving.

What did you have for your Thanksgiving?

After our feast we had some fun with these photobooth accessories that were sent to Olivia. Aren’t they just great?

Gosh, I’m thankful to have such caring and passionate people in my life. People who are so open minded and have such ambition. A partner whose heart is so big and who is just so lovable and is the honey in my cup of tea. I’m thankful to live in such a beautiful city and have the opportunity to absorb the knowledge that I do. I’m thankful for my family across the pond who are constantly on my mind and who are nothing short of supportive. The connections between people constantly warm my heart. Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday to bring all of these thoughts to the surface and share them with a group of loved ones.

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One of Denver’s most colorful and trendy neighborhoods is waiting for you, right northwest of the city center! Have you been?

This is a neighborhood that has gotten quite big and hip since I moved to Franceland, and while I was back in May, I was so happy to have wandered it with two of my favourite people. The Highlands neighborhoods (Highlands and West Highlands) are located just northwest of downtown Denver. It is known by many for its little colorful houses painted ever so intricately with adorable front lawns, and of course now for it’s trendy vibes and shops and businesses. With a view of downtown Denver and the Millenium bridge, it is the perfect place to go for a stroll right outside the city center where you can feast your eyes.

Allie and Jay (aren’t they just the cutest?) took me to brunch at Duo before we wandered and took a million pictures, ending our afternoon with a cone at Little Man Ice Cream, right under the lights and gigantic windows of Linger. It really was a lovely afternoon.

You can check out their post on this day right here.

Not only is it an adorable area to stroll through, but a wonderful place to find trinkets and eat delicious things.

Download a map of Denver’s neighborhoods right here!

Some of my favorite places in the Highlands:

Duo – Contemporary American Restaurant

Happy Cakes Bakeshop – Cupcakerie

Little Man Ice Cream – Ice Cream Shop

Linger – Tapas restaurant/Bar

Lola – Mexican Brunch/Restaurant

Mead Street Station – Bar

Park Burger – Burger Joint

Root Down – American Tapas Restaurant

Williams & Graham – Speakeasy Bar

Wordshop – Paperie

It’s that time of year. When people visit. 2 of my favorite people came for the week and some of my other favorite people will be arriving this week to celebrate the graduation of the 50th graduating class from the American University of Paris. It’s going to be an exciting week.

Today it was the perfect sometimes-rainy Sunday as it started off with a brunch at Twinkie with 5 of my favorite people, and the girls with whom I unlocked Paris.

More to come on our new bling from Bamboopink