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All photos by Jean-Laurent Gaudy

As tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, I wanted to post these lovely photos that Jean-Laurent took of Louis and I a few weeks ago. It was what he calls a “Love session”. He has a talent for capturing beautiful candid moments. And gosh I am so happy with how they turned out!

It’s hard to get some seemingly natural shots as sometimes it’s awkward to show PDA in front of a camera, eh? We did our best.

I really like these pictures because they were taken in our apartment. In our own element. With our stuff. It felt so much more natural, and so much more true.

I love love.

You can check out the original post on Jean-Laurent’s blog here.

Don’t forget to check out his blog and Facebook page for more updates and showcasing of his sublime couples photography.

Happy Valentine’s Day.



This is just the loveliest of places. And after a wild night in Boulder on New Year’s Eve, you can’t find a better brunch in town.

I was hesitant in choosing my brunch meal due to the fact that everything looked divine, but I settled for the Salmon Benedict, which the waiter had so kindly assured as delicious. Louis took the Mediterranean Salad with a big scoop of hummus. The coffee mugs alone were precious, and their Chai is absolutely a must-to-try. I probably should have tasted like four of their teas, but we had a long drive up to the Stanley Hotel afterwards.

For a Sunday morning, let alone New Year’s Day,  it was nice and calm. I heard through the grapevine I hear it fills up around dinner time.

The beautiful and serene decorations will distract you from your date, so be prepared! For the experience you get, this is definitely worth your buck- making a 2 person brunch a great deal for a bout $40 including loads of coffee/chai and such. If you’re up in gorgeous Boulder, don’t pass this up.

On a side note, I highly suggest the Salmon Benedict, I am now addicted to poached eggs.

You can consult their menu online here.

Dushanbe Tea House
1770 13th Street
Boulder, Colorado 80302
Tél: (303) 442-4993