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Bagels have arrived. Has this always been this way, or did is it just now getting to be more of a fad? Maybe I’m just noticing all of these places? And most are cupcake/bagel shops… quite the mix for Parisians! A double whammy!

At Bagel Tom, I walked in and saw the red beer pong cups I knew I was in a place that had knowledge of some random American culture fixes.

Bagel Tom was an epic discovery. I found it by default when another place I was looking for was closed for the August holidays, and Yelp led me there. Phew!

And they are open on Sundays, just sayin’!

Tom’s has quite the variety of different bagel sandwiches. It’s impressive. They are also named after US Football Teams (i.e. Packers, Broncos, Dolphins), which I thought was clever…. but the ‘Denver Broncos‘ was a Salmon bagel, which confused me. I came to the conclusion that the names are not based on the state’s potential specialty or cliché eating habits, but regardless—- it was delicious. I plan to return.

Tom’s also serves as a mini grocery store with a bunch of treats and American products.

Grab your bagels to go, or sit in and enjoy the New York hustle bustle ambiance & checkered floors.

I’m still on the prowl for my favorite: an Egg, Bacon & Cheddar on Poppy

Bagel Tom

Address: 12, rue Volta 75003 Paris

Telephone: 01 42 74 49 92


Some more Bagel places in Paris that I’ve discovered:

Ari’s Bagels

Bagels & Brownies

Brook’s Café

Chloé S.

Cupcakes & Co.

Le 144

Morry’s Bagels & Toasts

Oh Mon Cake

The Real McCoy

If you know of any I missed, please share! I’m sure they pop up everywhere!

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