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frenchy-to-go-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-11A real hearty and savory breakfast in Paris is hard to find. Mostly because this is usually associated with brunch (aka overpriced fixed menus that are only served on weekends). Breakfast is an important meal of the day, and sometimes a tartine with jam or yogurt just won’t cut it.

Luckily, Frenchie To Go opens early on weekdays, so a savory breakfast is possible BEFORE work… How great is that? They’ve got a bacon sandwich, which has quite a bit of bacon, I’m not going to lie, but you can add cheddar and an egg if you’d like for a couple of bucks and it becomes the perfectly complete breakfast sandwich. Plus, Frenchie To Go, a hotspot near Sentier that is packed during lunch, is never packed before work (at least when I’ve been), it’s basically perfection. The only downside about going in the morning is not being able to get one of their beers, as they’ve got quite a fine list! Other breakfast options: homemade granola, bacon scones, pastries.

With a little cuppa and one of these bad boys, we started our day with a bang. The donuts sure were tempting.


Frenchie To-Go
9, rue du Nil, 75002
Métro: Sentier (3)

Thanksgiving is such a lovely holiday. It’s always a feast. Celebration of community. Celebration of love and being able to recognize and share what we are thankful for …..everything and anything. The gathering of loved ones around delicious grub, what is better?

I have so many fond memories of huge meals with  siblings +1’s, extended family & friends, running to neighbors houses for missing ingredients and sharing of recipes, dressing up as pilgrims and indians at school as children (or at least going through those photos every year) and of course preparing to eat a large quantity of mashed potatoes, casserole and pumpkin pie. It’s just such a staple in the American year, and I am so happy to share it with people from all over the world here in Parisland.

This Thanksgiving I had some of my favorite people over for dinner, and we chatted and laughed and cheered and enjoyed oh so much food.

I was proud to finally make my mom’s garlic mashed potato recipe with delicious gravy. I’m pretty sure Thanksgiving can’t exist without mashed potatoes and deviled eggs. SIDENOTE: we did do a chicken Thanksgiving as I’m not a HUGE turkey fan…. The chicken was delicious though, and the sides made it  just as authentic as a Turkey Thanksgiving.

What did you have for your Thanksgiving?

After our feast we had some fun with these photobooth accessories that were sent to Olivia. Aren’t they just great?

Gosh, I’m thankful to have such caring and passionate people in my life. People who are so open minded and have such ambition. A partner whose heart is so big and who is just so lovable and is the honey in my cup of tea. I’m thankful to live in such a beautiful city and have the opportunity to absorb the knowledge that I do. I’m thankful for my family across the pond who are constantly on my mind and who are nothing short of supportive. The connections between people constantly warm my heart. Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday to bring all of these thoughts to the surface and share them with a group of loved ones.

The Barbershop is one of the 11th’s staple places for all things trendy. Brunch, cocktails, dinner… in a great atmosphere… pourquoi pas?

Ana Clara and I went for brunch a week or so ago, and it was a great place to hang for a bit… Such a cozy environment… Nice and open, which is quite rare in Paris I find.

I had the Eggs Benedict with salmon, one of my all time favorite dishes, which was absolutely delicious, and the menu came with a carrot cake. Just a fabulous side note, they have bottomless drip coffee.

The Barbershop
68, avenue de la République, Paris 75011
Métro: Rue Saint Maur (3) / Parmentier (3)

Have you been?







The homies behind Candelaria have opened the new bar, Glass, in south Pigalle. With a focus on music and beer, this place is high on my fav’s list after my first visit there this week.

Glass is offering a menu packed with high quality beers, cocktails and boilermakers. You can order delicious hot dogs and assorted homemade pickles to go with your Brooklyn Brewery IPA pint! How perfect does that sound?

Let’s just say that the growler has been introduced in Paris… and I couldn’t be happier.

Sugar Daze, Paris, American Cupcakes, rue Henri Monnier ParisSugar Daze, Paris, American Cupcakes, rue Henri Monnier ParisSugar Daze, Paris, American Cupcakes, rue Henri Monnier ParisSugar Daze, Paris, American Cupcakes, rue Henri Monnier ParisSugar Daze, Paris, American Cupcakes, rue Henri Monnier ParisSugar Daze, Paris, American Cupcakes, rue Henri Monnier ParisSugar Daze, Paris, American Cupcakes, rue Henri Monnier ParisSugar Daze, Paris, American Cupcakes, rue Henri Monnier ParisSugar Daze, Paris, American Cupcakes, rue Henri Monnier Paris

Yesterday we celebrated the soon-to-be-opening Sugar Daze in Paris’s 9th district. American cupcakes are almost officially present on the streets of this city, and I hope you are all excited as I am. There couldn’t be a better way to celebrate the starting of summer, and we are all so happy for  the magical Cat and her new bake shop.

Grand opening is Saturday June 23, préparez vous pour une nouvelle cupcakerie… la seule qui est américaine à Paris!

Sugar Daze
Address: 20 rue Henri Monnier, 75009
Métro: Pigalle (12,2) / Saint Georges (12)