Breakfast is tough in Paris. Le sigh. They’ve got their boulangeries down pat, with a wealth of choices at the break of dawn…and I’m definitely not saying I don’t adore those, but what about sit in breakfast places, with savory or sweet? Somewhere that doesn’t just care about being cool that is just open early with yummy food for a quick pop in before work? After breakfasts out in the states over Christmas break, I realized how much Paris is lacking something in that area. Perhaps my American needs are too much for the Parisians. No but really. There are honestly only a handful of places where you can dine in get something other than a croissant before work in this town! Not to mention that ironically the new stuff opening is all in one area (cough, 11th) so unless you live or work in the 11th, it’s not worth the trek for that pre-work treat and espresso outing. I don’t want a 24euro too-huge-to-finish-brunch. I just want eggs or a breakfast burrito!

One thing that is nice though, is that there is always room at Ladurée. I’m not one who splurges often on things like macaroons (although, I do adore them!), but a simple breakfast at Ladurée is always cozy and spot on: 2 fried eggs, delicious tea, or french toast if you’re feeing crazy… (Just to be clear, don’t worry, their fried eggs don’t cost as much as their pastries). Plus, I’ve always been a fan of the boho chic and vintage atmosphere of Ladurée, topped with its pastel paneled teacups and silver teapots. Darling Hana met me at the Ladurée on the Champs for a breakfast one chilly morning. It was the perfect setting for a girly catch up. There’s always that perfect table for two if you’re going on a weekday before work.

If anyone knows anything about the coming of age of Parisian breakfast, do fill me in. Until then, excuse the quick rant, I’ll stick to my handful of spots that I know for sure has eggs or a yummy treat and that won’t be packed with people with beards in the AM with a huge wait. Still waiting on a legit bagel place.

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The atmosphere has been off in Paris. Filled with confusion and sometimes hatred. Hopefully it’s blowing over a little bit but I can’t help watching videos of talk show hosts on the topic of the horrible events that took place last week. Bref.

I feel awkwardly tired lately, even after all the fresh air I took in in Colorado, and the sense of feeling so small next to the mountains and the plains on southbound 285. Maybe it’s the fact my cat is in his “teenage” stage and is peeing on things and being somewhat insupportable. I’m sad to say that my schedule lately has given me less time to put up posts on here. Having a full time job and keeping a blog up isn’t the easiest task, I’m coming to find…..

This year I want to make sure I find the time. I want to make sure I see those who I deeply care about and spend time with them with open ears and concentration. It’s far too easy to let my mind wander. There are few places I’d like to travel to, nothing far, but places on my list. I have friends starting to get married, so this year I’ll get to go to a couple celebrations of love which makes me all fuzzy inside. I’m really for a whoppin’ 2015. I think it’ll be a good one.

2014 was a good year. Like all years, a year of transitions, but this one involved a particularly big one. This year I officially shook of my student status and got a big girl job. I started to brew my own beer. We adopted a kitten, darling Jefferson. My brother had a baby. We travelled to Turkey. We spent time with family and frequented our favorite places. We moved into a new apartment just outside the city limits and are loving our new nest. I got to spend the final days of the year in the Rocky Mountains.

This year went by so quickly, and filled with so much happiness, even though I did lose a couple of close friends to new cities. Notably these major changes and those listed above have modified my daily routine, habits and focus. I must say, I think most of my goals for 2014 did actually happen, which is pretty exciting. Now I’ve got to think about my goals for the coming year. The year is already rolling out with plans, and I must say I am pretty anxious. I hope your 2014 finished smoothly, and I wish you a very very happy 2015.


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Being home for the holidays makes my heart all warm inside. Rediscovering little traditions and the little things that make Christmas just perfect and full of love. Every year my mom gets us each a glass ornament, and it’s always spot on. Mine have ranged from a French flag, to French cheese, to a camel to a stiletto to a pint of beer to a nutcracker. My sister’s range from a snowboard boot, to an octopus to a peace sign to round peace glasses. The brother’s range from a rocket ship to a burger to a tennis racket. It’s always just spot on. Now that our family has become bigger, the sister-in-law, baby nephew, stepsisters and Louis are included in the growing collection. When I’m here I always ask myself how I could ever miss a Christmas at home in Colorado.

Christmas Day always involves strata by my stepdad which I anxiously wait for even the night before while watching Home Alone and the Family Stone, as I can smell it as it’s being prepared.

This year we may just get a fresh layer of snow, which adds to the charm of this magical place. Wishing you very happy holidays, wherever you may be.


As charming as Paris is in the winter time, there is the level of winter wonderland magic that just can’t compare to Colorado. As my trip to the state where I grew up approaches, I can’t stop thinking about the snow-capped mountains and falling snowflakes… sadly snow just doesn’t seem to stick in Paris. A good snow I find to be one of the most beautiful and serene of all things.

The countdown begins. I feel like perhaps growing up I didn’t take in the beauty of winter landscapes.


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