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This epic video Paris, on t’aime aussi makes my heart all warm and fuzzy.

I’m getting pretty nervous about Tuesday’s election results. I’m a sucker for a well-made video and I found this one particularly good. Sidenote: Beyoncé!

Rachel’s pictures of Colorado always make me feel super homesick.

Our brains need rest, guys.

I recently had dinner at Bien Élevé in Paris, and what a gem! Great food, great space, and takes reservations. Check it out on Instagram.

In case you didn’t see how awesome our trip to Copenhagen was.

Did you grow up watching Peanuts? Major love this Stranger Things mashup. Now I’m super motivated to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas before the holiday season…

Who’s watching The Crown!?

My Sundays are for homemade pizza and movies.

Fall has hit. It’s official. It’s that weird weather where you want to wear a lighter jacket but it’s actually quite chilly, don’t let the sunshine fool you.

Americans abroad, I sure hope you have registered to vote.

New haven in the 17th, Mamma Primi documented by Roxy (I’m stoked cos it’s doable for lunch breaks)

Late to sharing this, but I shared some places I like on Yelp’s “Ma slow rentrée”, check it out!

Completely jealous of Marissa’s Maldives trip. Drool.

If you haven’t seen it, I made a little video documenting my friend Anne getting French nationality.

A stellar review on Maria Grazia Chiuri’s first Dior show.

Celebs on Sandwiches, one of the greatest Instagram accounts.

Not to get too into politics, but here’s an open letter to Mr. Trump from angry women.

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To put it quite simply, summer hasn’t really started yet in Paris. It’s been a huge bummer, and honestly wearing a cashmere sweater in June is sort of depressing. I guess we’ll just have to be grateful for the couple of sun-filled weekends that we had in May, for now.


A new city (and continent) to me, one where two of my closest friends grew up: discovering Rio de Janeiro was the perfect kick off to a new year with a fuzzy heart. I tried really hard with my basic Portuguese (aka random phrases), but most of the time it came out like Spanish with a German accent. I’ll need to work on that for next time.

The thought that in the minds of those from the Southern Hemisphere, December, January and February are the warmest of months will always intrigue me. I’m sure it’s the same the other way around when Northern hemisphere folk associate June, July and August with summer heat. Funny.

We should probably all just stop taking everything so seriously.

I have a thing or two to learn about packing for a tropical vacation. I even forgot to paint my toe nails. 

Coconut water is one if the greatest beverages on the planet.

A good book and the beach is a recipe for getting a sunburn. I just finished Big Magic and boy did I like it.