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2014 was a good year. Like all years, a year of transitions, but this one involved a particularly big one. This year I officially shook of my student status and got a big girl job. I started to brew my own beer. We adopted a kitten, darling Jefferson. My brother had a baby. We travelled to Turkey. We spent time with family and frequented our favorite places. We moved into a new apartment just outside the city limits and are loving our new nest. I got to spend the final days of the year in the Rocky Mountains.

This year went by so quickly, and filled with so much happiness, even though I did lose a couple of close friends to new cities. Notably these major changes and those listed above have modified my daily routine, habits and focus. I must say, I think most of my goals for 2014 did actually happen, which is pretty exciting. Now I’ve got to think about my goals for the coming year. The year is already rolling out with plans, and I must say I am pretty anxious. I hope your 2014 finished smoothly, and I wish you a very very happy 2015.


As charming as Paris is in the winter time, there is the level of winter wonderland magic that just can’t compare to Colorado. As my trip to the state where I grew up approaches, I can’t stop thinking about the snow-capped mountains and falling snowflakes… sadly snow just doesn’t seem to stick in Paris. A good snow I find to be one of the most beautiful and serene of all things.

The countdown begins. I feel like perhaps growing up I didn’t take in the beauty of winter landscapes.


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Louis and I’s apartment was featured on Rue Rodier recently. Although we plan to move in the near future, I am so in love with these pictures!

I kind of wish all of these phrases were used regularly.

6 characteristics of truly creative people.

After seeing photos from Carin’s recent trip to Rome, I have decided I’ve got to make it there at some point within the next year.

One of my new favorite places in Paris, up in the 19th. Brunch highly suggested when the sun is out.

I’m already dreaming of Colorado for Christmas… Here’s a look at a perfect Colorado summer.

Discovered Brasserie de la Senne not too long ago. I’m itched to get myself to Brussels in the near future.

Did you see Anne’s epic Skillshare classes? On the menu: Map Making, revamping professional dox/CV & getting to know InDesign.

De quelle planète es-tu on Tumblr for the same spice but in grid form.

Know of anyone heading to Paris? I’m always keeping my Paris Guide up to date with my favorite spots in the city.

Lately I’ve been wishing there was a good place for donuts in Paris. Le sigh.

This little getaway on Haleigh’s blog in the Loire has got me craving a weekend away

I am all for Les Merveilleux de Fred! Lindsey’s top five pastry spots in Paris on WSJ.

Craving some of these

Ashlae is making me really miss the Rockies and want to get in the kitchen to make these cookies.

Some fun facts about beer.


These past two months have been pretty intense with my new rhythm… new job, new habits, the new season rolling in (spring was halfway here and winter never fully came in my opinion. Where was the snow?) Needless to say, I’m ready for summer and some good ol’ vitamin D.

With all of the energy being put towards the new job, I know I’ve been a bit missing in action and perhaps my posts haven’t been as full of heart as they have been before or should…the weekends away give me a chance to have some deep sleeps uninterrupted by bizarre noises coming from my building’s courtyard, and to get away from the stress that everyday life in Paris brings: tourists blocking all of the bike paths on my route to work, intensely long lines at the supermarket when you’ve only got 2 things in your basket, with caissières who don’t have a care in the world, bourgeois pricks that take eternity to enter their damn pincode in the card reader, lines out the door for the boulangerie. With all of these everyday things that make me bite my lip just a little bit, a weekend just outside the city does my soul some good.

My father-in-laws garden is being prepared for the season, camellias and other various flowers are in full bloom. Even with some rain showers, or in the dead of winter, this place has a magic touch.

I do love city life and wouldn’t change it for anything, but only if it involves a few breaks out in the countryside. Even the shortest of breaks away from the hustle bustle allow us to recharge.


Now that the second Mother’s Day has hit, la Fête des Mères, I realized I should write a little note on the subject. I’m somewhat obsessed with my mom. I’ve got pictures of my mom all over my walls: pictures of her on her wedding day with cake all over her face, pictures of her as a high school cheerleader in the 60s, portraits of her in her atelier, notably one where she is gazing into the camera and holding up her paintbrush circa 1980, pictures of her hippy self with the Rocky Mountains as the backdrop… I just love them. Photographs now may not be what they used to be, and are certainly less charming, which makes me realize that I have got some keepers. I wonder about what our old photos will look like in the future. I feel like with the digitalization of everything nothing will ever be able to naturally grow old. We can always just reprint a photo if the sun fades it. Frustrations.

I’m not sure I can accurately express how grateful I am to have been raised to be so open minded and passionate by such an open minded and passionate woman herself. She also always told me to be patient, which she knows she isn’t either, but it’s the reassuring part of motherly goodness. As a kid, and even now, with something as simple as a look in the eye with a certain intensity, I could understand a full message, which was usually involved with me being in trouble or being a brat, sigh. She would braid my hair so tight the night before I’d go skiing and she’d pull so unintentionally hard that my scalp would ache – apparently her mother did the same to her. She made us delicious breakfasts and dinners that when I try to remake them now are never as delicious solely for the reason that they weren’t made by her. She has a joie de vivre that I admire with all of my being.

I just hope someday when I’m a mama, I am as half as snazzy as the one pictured above.

Happy Mother’s day, to all of those mothers out there.