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One of my closest girlfriends, Ana Clara, moved to Munich with her honey for work. Naturally I just had to make it over there to see her life there one weekend. Don’t forget that Munich is freakin’ cold. A February weekend in Munich was a brave choice on my part. Going when it’s balls cold made me even more excited to pop by when the sun is out and we can stroll through the English gardens.

Back to the point: I had been to Munich before twice, once when I was studying abroad for a year in France when I was 16 for a couple of days, and again during my Bachelor’s for Oktoberfest (obvs). This time was more about actually seeing the city. I’m a lucky lady cos Ana eats sanely and loves adorable places with quality products, so every place she took me was just wonderful. Did you know that Germans are super open to vegetarians and vegans and that faux sausages exist all over the place? Even at beer festivals?! High five for the Bavarians.

Ana Clara and Yann-Yves’s close group of friends in the city were so precious and organized a traditional Bavarian brunch when I was in town, which did involve include Witbier before noon, wurst, pretzels and the works. These fine people then accompanied us to the local Starkbierfest that was that exact weekend, ha, which made for the most Bavarian day possible. If you’re planning a trip to Munich and like beer and beer culture, definitely check out if there are any small beer festivals going on, nothing like a liter of beer and pretzels and men in Lederhosen!

Strolling through the Munich streets, I was constantly in love with the pastel buildings, and the wideness of the streets and spaciousness of the interiors. Something about it was just so charming. For a city that had been basically rebuilt, even the modern buildings keep their original architecture, which I though was pretty cool. BTW, don’t jay-walk in Munich, apparently it’s a no no.

Boogie Donuts – Donuts To Go
Daddy Longlegs – Healthy/Coffee/Breakfast/Lunch/Snack
Dallmayr – Specialty Shop/Chocolates/Tea
La Taquéria – Mexican/Lunch/Dinner
Joon – European/Dinner/Bar/Cocktails
Wirthaus Hörreshof – Traditional Bavarian/Lunch/Dinner


santa-fe-05-dequelleplaneteestusanta-fe-06-dequelleplaneteestu santa-fe-09-dequelleplaneteestu
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While in Denver over the holidays, a weekend in Santa Fe was the perfect getaway within a getaway… entre filles. With my homegirls Liz and Caroline we made the trek due south for a mini 1-night road trip. Only 6 hours from Denver, one of the sources of my mom’s inspiration and taste and a place my bestie knew pretty darn well, believe it or not, I had never been. This entire post was prepared while listening to the song “Santa Fe” from my favorite musical, Rent, on repeat by the way. Ahem.

On the drive down we saw quite a bit of diverse landscapes: blue skies, a blizzard, icey mountain roads, South Park, the Collegiate Peaks covered with hats made of fog, lonely general stores that almost looked abandoned, the Great Sand Dunes from afar, the Colorado/New Mexico border…

Santa Fe is small but filled with history and traditions and it’s own vibe. The adobe buildings bring a whole completely, uniquely and utterly adorable look to the cityscape: one with more nature and for some reason a bit more of a cozy feeling. Something about it is just as charming as fuck. Many of the details were those that inspired my mom to decorate our home, so it all seemed awkwardly familiar. Having always seen my mom in her Native American jewelry as an Arizona-born gal, the local shops had windows filled with silver adorned with stones I somehow knew the name to. Alas, it was a fun experience, and our brief spin through the town still felt so worth it to me with two of my favorite gals on the planet.

Dragon Room @ The Pink Adobe // Restaurant & Bar // Cocktails out

Pasqual’s // Restaurant // Fancy New Mexican meal

The Plaza // Main square with local jewelers and shops

Tune up café // Café // Killer breakfast burrito

This year I want to be about crossing things off my to do list. Visiting places I’ve said I’d visit for a little while (when feasible, obviously). We are so lucky in Europe to be so close to so many beautiful places. The more I think about it, my list for French towns and regions to visit is getting longer and longer. Neighbor countries are doable over a weekend, which is just fantastic if you can work it into your budget.

I’m happy to say that I’ve already planned trips for #1 to #3, but that the others are a couple of the close and far destinations that I’ve certainly got on my mind, amongst many many others on this humongously diverse earth. Thank goodness Pinterest is an infinite source for list lengthening.


Travel is a bit of a weird thing, though. I was very lucky to travel heaps as a kid as my father lived in the Middle East. I’m so grateful for this. But I’ve noticed a “thing” in the work environment, in particular when my team was looking for an intern: some people put their travels on their CV. Literally a list of countries (sorry to any readers who do or have done this). To be honest, I’m not sure how I feel about it. As freshly graduated twenty somethings, travel comes down to three things in my opinion. One, you have the means to travel heaps thanks do daddy and mommy. Two, your parents took your traveling a lot as it is a passion of theirs and they found it important so when you can you do it. Three, you decided to travel on your own or work really hard to save up and have the means to be able to take even small trips because you’re anxious to see the world and discover different cultures. Anyways. I know many people who are so passionate about traveling and who have worked hard to be able to afford to travel, and I know how I find it so important to go to different parts of the world if you are able to. But for some this remains a luxury. Bref, I just don’t think a list of countries visited shows much on a CV out of context (ie. study abroad, backpacking…). Whatever.

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When Louis and I were visiting my Uncle in Hawaii, we knew we’d have to climb a crater. It’s just one of those things, right? Right outside of Honolulu is Hawaii Kai, the home of the Koko Crater. We set ourselves to embark up the Koko Crater, which was our view when we woke up in the mornings. The West side has an abandoned set of railway tracks that were apparently used during World War II to transport supplies and personnel to the top of the crater, a lookout point.

You’ve got to be on your game as climbing those tracks is no easy task. It seems so simple when looking from afar and even still when you start, but once you start you realize how steep it gets, and how thirsty you get, you realize you were wrong. Not to mention there are active runners and joggers in fancy running gear hopping between the wood beams like it’s easy breezy. This was no slice of pie!

Once at the top of Pu’u Mai, the crater’s highest peak, you forget that the hike was tiring as fuck un the heat and that you shouldn’t have brought a big bag (I was that person). The view beyond Sandy Beach and Hanauma bay, the whole Eastern shoreline of Oahu all the way to Honolulu with the blue blue ocean as far as you can see you simply makes you realize how beautiful the world is and just how small we humans are. We wandered around the top for a little while, checking out the abandoned dollies, manmade cells and huge cement platforms that are left from World War II. The are wild flowers and dirt trails, obviously a lot of tourists, but a panoramic view that made my heart skip a few beats. We just sat and gazed off into the distance.

On a sidenote, going down was actually quite stressful with the railway beams just far enough apart to make it difficult and all those marathon-like runners literally running down next to us. That was our only work out while visiting Hawaii. There’s even a Yelp for this hike, ha!