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When the sun is up early, and I find the energy, it’s nice to wander off to a different neighborhood for a stroll. These pictures were taken on one of my favorite yet trendiest streets, rue des Martyrs.

I think about what I would do if I was just visiting Paris one summer for only a few days – for my very first time. I would certainly hope that someone would have told me to just get up and walk around the weekend mornings…. to just get lost and admire the beautiful buildings and storefronts… to wander through little markets and brocantes filled with treasures, maybe grab a random croissant. I’d sit at a corner café, nothing fancy (although I like those, too), and sip an espresso while people watching.

Happy weekend, friends.


9-10-11-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-029-10-11-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-01 9-10-11-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-03 9-10-11-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-04 9-10-11-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-05 9-10-11-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-06 9-10-11-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-07 9-10-11-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-08 9-10-11-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-09 9-10-11-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-10 9-10-11-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-11 9-10-11-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-12 9-10-11-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-13 9-10-11-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-14 9-10-11-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-15 9-10-11-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-16 9-10-11-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-17After our dreamy lunch at Abri, Anne and I strolled eastward. The winter days have some sunshine, which makes for great stroll weather. We embarked with bellies full and headed aimlessly in the direction of the canal over good conversation.

We zigzaged past the canal and ultimately followed the route of the line 2 metro line, one of the areas of Paris to discover more of. We strolled along the avenue stopping at windows filled with Algerian pastries and admired the street art while soaking up some winter sunbeams. Before we knew it we had arrived on the street of Paris’s new cookie shop, Scoop Me A Cookie, and other fabulous places like Le Perchoir or the Edith Piaf museum. What a rad neighborhood, right next to La Fine Mousse, too.

19 rue Lucien Sampaix, 75010
Tél: 09 73 60 13 64
Métro: Jacques Bonsergent (5)

Scoop Me A Cookie
5/7 rue Crespin du Gast, 75011
Tél: 06 86 12 41 56
Métro: Ménilmontant (2)

SL_201310310020-217This past fall, a very talented lady friend took some pictures of Olivia and I at one of my favorite Parisian places, the Serres d’Auteuil. The greenhouses were perfect for Stacey’s whimsical photography style. The air was crisp and the red and orange leaves ha fallen and were all over the park.

Our denim outfits left us a bit chilly, but it was pure magic to be in the beautiful greenhouses escaping the chill and feeling like we were far far away somewhere tropical.

SL_201310310020-55 SL_201310310020-64 SL_201310310020-78 SL_201310310020-91 SL_201310310020-100 SL_201310310020-128 SL_201310310020-136 SL_201310310020-158 SL_201310310020-173 SL_201310310020-193 SL_201310310020-208  SL_201310310020-237SL_201310310020-262 SL_201310310020-264 SL_201310310020-268All photos by Stacey Lamb

Chettinadu - De quelle planete es tu - 2I’ve been coming to Chettinadu for 5 years now. I first discovered this magical place when I first arrived in Paris, when a professor took our class here. At the time I had never really been exposed to Indian food, but the bright yellow walls (at the time) and the delicious grub only left me wanting to come back all the time. I was destined to be a regular there.

Chettinadu is located in northern Paris, near metro stop La Chapelle. This is also sort of a Little India, and where they host the Ganesh festival every year. The streets are home to colorful storefronts and bling of all shapes and sizes. The choice of Indian restaurants is quite large, considering they are stacked up and down each one of the rues, but in my eyes there is only one that sticks out.

Chettinadu - De quelle planete es tu - 1Chettinadu - De quelle planete es tu - 3 Chettinadu - De quelle planete es tu - 4 Chettinadu - De quelle planete es tu - 5 Chettinadu - De quelle planete es tu - 6 Chettinadu - De quelle planete es tu - 7 Chettinadu - De quelle planete es tu - 8Chettinadu - De quelle planete es tu - 14 Chettinadu - De quelle planete es tu - 9 Chettinadu - De quelle planete es tu - 10 Chettinadu - De quelle planete es tu - 11 Chettinadu - De quelle planete es tu - 12 Chettinadu - De quelle planete es tu - 13Chettinadu - De quelle planete es tu - 15 Chettinadu - De quelle planete es tu - 16 Chettinadu - De quelle planete es tu - 17 Chettinadu - De quelle planete es tu - 18I highly suggest a stroll after your meal at Chettinadu, you’ll get a feel for just how small Paris is; around the restaurant itself feels like an untouched or real neighborhood, one that has breathtaking views over the tracks of Gare de l’Est and buildings that are worth a good look. Before you know it you can be at Place de Clichy, Strasbourg Saint-Denis or the Canal Saint Martin after just a short walk after sunset.

15, rue Cail, 75010
Tél: 01 40 34 49 17
Métro: La Chapelle (2), Gare du Nord (4,5)

Brewery-Hop-Denver-#2-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-00Hopping from brewery to brewery to tap room is one of my favorite things to do in Denver. With my brother last Christmas, we did a pretty epic Beer Hop that I published here on the blog.

This past summer when Louis and I headed to Denver we did a lot of brewery hops, and here is one I’d like to share with you today featuring a few smaller breweries.

Brewery-Hop-Denver-#2-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-01We started in one of my favorite Denver neighborhoods, an artsy district in Denver just south of downtown. This hood is the home of the Renegade Brewing Company that had been recommended to me by many friend Denverites.

Like a lot of Denver hotspots, they are built into what used to be garages: big glass pane garage doors that open up to the ceiling revealing the summer sun rays. Renegade kept the industrial look, like a lot of Denver spots, too, with bricks and a stunningly intricate wooden bar. The scattered tables house board games, which I thought was pretty fantastic.

So, with our tasters of 5 O’Clock Afternoon Ale, Elevation IPA and others, we played a few rounds of Backgammon.

Brewery-Hop-Denver-#2-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-02 Brewery-Hop-Denver-#2-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-03 Brewery-Hop-Denver-#2-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-04 Brewery-Hop-Denver-#2-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-05 Brewery-Hop-Denver-#2-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-06 Brewery-Hop-Denver-#2-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-07 Brewery-Hop-Denver-#2-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-08 Brewery-Hop-Denver-#2-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-09 Brewery-Hop-Denver-#2-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-10 Brewery-Hop-Denver-#2-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-11Our second stop was just a short drive away down South Broadway, TRVE Brewing Co.

TRVE was suggested to me by my best friend one day, and I knew I had to pop by to experience their totally different style: Metal + Brews. Not only is the brewery on one my favorite streets in the Mile High City, but it really is a different and more rock and punk atmosphere, which I really enjoyed.

Erika, Louis and I enjoyed the full set of their current brews from tasty and hoppy pale ale to a chocolatey coffee stout. I am obsessed with their single huge table with benches as seating… so wonderful and seems like it would be the best place to hang on a Friday night.

Brewery-Hop-Denver-#2-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-12 Brewery-Hop-Denver-#2-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-13 Brewery-Hop-Denver-#2-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-14 Brewery-Hop-Denver-#2-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-15 Brewery-Hop-Denver-#2-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-16 Brewery-Hop-Denver-#2-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-17Our last stop this afternoon was across I-25 in a pretty random area that I really enjoyed: Wit’s End Brewing Company. My brother always suggested the itty bitty Wit’s End, so it was about time that I headed over to this more adventurous part of the Denver landscape. The location was quite industrial- with no real commerce around- which made it quite an exciting short treck to this nanobrew paradise.

Wit’s End’s tap room is filled with everything you’ll need to learn about some beer. The shelves are packed with books on topics varying from ingredients, to brews to passionate brewers. Little jars are displayed with beer ingredients to take a little sniff to get an idea about the chemistry behind their yummy beers. It definitely was a local feel that was so simple. Almost like a home brewer just opened their garage door and invited us over to taste it.

On their flight we tried all of the beers on tap at the time. The guy working was so kind and came over and really went into detail about each beer and how their brewing process. It was refreshing to have someone passionate really go into detail on the brews. I personally fell for the Kitchen Sink Porter that hot summer afternoon. Louis’s favorite was the Super FL IPA, a black IPA, as Wit’s End calls it, “a bad-ass beer”.

Did I mention they have the most fun names for their beers?

Brewery-Hop-Denver-#2-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-18 Brewery-Hop-Denver-#2-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-19 Brewery-Hop-Denver-#2-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-20 Brewery-Hop-Denver-#2-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-21 Brewery-Hop-Denver-#2-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-22 Brewery-Hop-Denver-#2-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-23 Brewery-Hop-Denver-#2-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-24 Brewery-Hop-Denver-#2-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-25Denver, Beer, Beer tour, De quelle planète es-tu?, Travel, Hops, Colorado