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L'Archipel Paris 01 De quelle planete es tu

L'Archipel Paris 02De quelle planete es tu

L'Archipel Paris01- De quelle planete es tu

L'Archipel Paris 03 De quelle planete es tu

L'Archipel Paris 04 De quelle planete es tu

L'Archipel Paris 05 De quelle planete es tu

L'Archipel Paris 06 De quelle planete es tu

L'Archipel Paris 07 De quelle planete es tu

L'Archipel Paris 08 De quelle planete es tu

L'Archipel Paris 09 De quelle planete es tu

L'Archipel Paris 10 De quelle planete es tu

L'Archipel Paris 11 De quelle planete es tu

L'Archipel Paris 12 De quelle planete es tu

L'Archipel Paris 13 De quelle planete es tu

L’Archipel, a space for collective innovation.

Under the nave you can enjoy a brunch solidaire, that changes from month to month. How great is that? When we went for Anne’s birthday with LLB, it was à la Méxicaine, and was a lovely place to escape the randomly chilly Spring weekend.

After your delicious brunch made possible by Les Camionneuses, stick around and read one of the hundreds of books that occupy the shelves, listen to music, use wifi, even do some yoga at 16h30! A very cool concept and a wonderful example of making use of beautiful spaces in the city.

Read more about their Sunday rituals here.

L’Archipel x Feel Good Brunch
26 bis rue de Saint Petersbourg, 75008 Paris
Reservations required:

fondation-07-dequelleplaneteestufondation-12-dequelleplaneteestufondation-01-dequelleplaneteestu fondation-02-dequelleplaneteestu fondation-03-dequelleplaneteestu fondation-04-dequelleplaneteestu fondation-05-dequelleplaneteestu fondation-06-dequelleplaneteestu fondation-08-dequelleplaneteestu fondation-09-dequelleplaneteestu fondation-10-dequelleplaneteestu fondation-11-dequelleplaneteestu

This place’s green coffee cups has become a staple of the Parisian coffee scene, I know. They are all over Instagram of expats and Parisians. Bref, but for a good reason, this little café is just right for a morning coffee, afternoon coffee and cake, coffee to go… just good coffee any way you like it.

My new thing is keeping my eyes peeled for places I’m able to go to before work. Believe it or not folks, a lot of “cute” or “trendy” or “cozy” places open at like 10am… which isn’t ideal for the workin’ girl! Luckily for me and anyone else with a full time job, Fondation is one of those open early places where you can start your day off right, opening at a whopping 9am!

Oh, and if you haven’t already, read Lindsey’s epic write up on coffee in Paris.

Fondation Café
16 Rue Dupetit-Thouars, 75003
Métro: Temple (3)


blue-valentine-04-dequelleplaneteestublue-valentine-01-dequelleplaneteestu blue-valentine-03-dequelleplaneteestu blue-valentine-02-dequelleplaneteestublue-valentine-07-dequelleplaneteestu
blue-valentine-05-dequelleplaneteestu blue-valentine-06-dequelleplaneteestu

This date was a special one, with mom when she was in town. I had seen so many dreamy photos of Blue Valentine and heard nothing but good things so I knew it was the perfect place to reserve a meal out with mom.

To be completely honest, everything on the menu looked tempting, but we both went with the chicken dish. The entrée included for lunch was absolutely to die for and I’m not sure I could really say what it is but it was a purée with an egg yolk baked at a very specific temperature or something and it was just unbelievable and gooey and magical. All of the dishes were presented beautifully, so gourmet. Mom was really impressed with the wine list, but I stuck with a beer. The space was perfect and modern and tasteful, with bricks and artwork and beautiful tables and chairs.

Blue Valentine
13 Rue de la Pierre Levée, 75011
Métro: Parmentier (3) ou Oberkampf (5/9)
Tél: 01 43 38 34 72 (Reservations needed)


Breakfast is tough in Paris. Le sigh. They’ve got their boulangeries down pat, with a wealth of choices at the break of dawn…and I’m definitely not saying I don’t adore those, but what about sit in breakfast places, with savory or sweet? Somewhere that doesn’t just care about being cool that is just open early with yummy food for a quick pop in before work? After breakfasts out in the states over Christmas break, I realized how much Paris is lacking something in that area. Perhaps my American needs are too much for the Parisians. No but really. There are honestly only a handful of places where you can dine in get something other than a croissant before work in this town! Not to mention that ironically the new stuff opening is all in one area (cough, 11th) so unless you live or work in the 11th, it’s not worth the trek for that pre-work treat and espresso outing. I don’t want a 24euro too-huge-to-finish-brunch. I just want eggs or a breakfast burrito!

One thing that is nice though, is that there is always room at Ladurée. I’m not one who splurges often on things like macaroons (although, I do adore them!), but a simple breakfast at Ladurée is always cozy and spot on: 2 fried eggs, delicious tea, or french toast if you’re feeing crazy… (Just to be clear, don’t worry, their fried eggs don’t cost as much as their pastries). Plus, I’ve always been a fan of the boho chic and vintage atmosphere of Ladurée, topped with its pastel paneled teacups and silver teapots. Darling Hana met me at the Ladurée on the Champs for a breakfast one chilly morning. It was the perfect setting for a girly catch up. There’s always that perfect table for two if you’re going on a weekday before work.

If anyone knows anything about the coming of age of Parisian breakfast, do fill me in. Until then, excuse the quick rant, I’ll stick to my handful of spots that I know for sure has eggs or a yummy treat and that won’t be packed with people with beards in the AM with a huge wait. Still waiting on a legit bagel place.

Chez Aline - De quelle planete es tu-11Chez Aline - De quelle planete es tu-01

Chez Aline - De quelle planete es tu-02

Chez Aline - De quelle planete es tu-03

Chez Aline - De quelle planete es tu-04Chez-Aline---De-quelle-planete-es-tu-08

Chez Aline - De quelle planete es tu-05


Chez Aline - De quelle planete es tu-09Chez Aline - De quelle planete es tu-07

Chez Aline - De quelle planete es tu-10

One of the areas I’m quite fond of lately is the lower 11th, from Voltaire to Bastille. Rue Keller is filled with little gems, and its seems as though my list of places to go in this hood keeps getting longer and longer. I had my eye on CheZ Aline for quite some time as the story behind it sure was cute (Sandwich shop and epic lunch spot inside an old horsemeat butcher shop. They replaced the “V” of Chevaline to a Z to make it CheZ Aline).

A variety of delicious sandwiches made to order with quality products: Paris ham, Milan veal, tortilla and chorizo, pickled things, homemade terrines and pickles…. there’s something for everyone and it’s all under 10 euros. Great to grab on the go, or sur place if you get there before the crowd.

Chez Aline
85 rue de la Roquette, 75011
Métro: Voltaire (9) or Bréguet Sabin (5)
Open weekdays from 11am to 7pm