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I sure do love a good breakfast out. When Simon and Ryan came to Colorado for a weekend, we made our first stop for breakfast at Tom’s Urban 24, one of my [now] favorite spots for grub in the Mile High City.

One of my favorite things about being in Denver is indulging in every type of breakfast burrito (like this place!). I was very satisfied with the one Tom’s Urban had to offer, and with a little beer it made for the perfect Saturday boost.

Tom’s is open 24/7, which is already fantastic. You can order breakfast for dinner or dessert for breakfast or whatever you want. Comfort food, Colorado classics and everything you could wish for for a quick lunch or a weekend brunch. It is a heavenly place with a 60′s spin, opened by Tom Ryan, the mastermind behind Smashburger and one of America’s best known food entrepreneurs thanks to his track record covering both Pizza Hut and McDonald’s, taking part in inventions such as Stuffed Crust Pizza and the McGriddle. The restaurant offers a new fusion of unique flavors, at whatever time you want.









toms-urban-24-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-14I also went on a date here once with Kristen, to check out this post, click here.

breckenridge-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-01-1024x678-2 breckenridge-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-02-1024x678-2 breckenridge-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-03-1024x678-2 breckenridge-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-04-1024x678-2   breckenridge-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-10-678x1024-2breckenridge-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-05-1024x678-2breckenridge-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-07-1024x678-2breckenridge-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-06-678x1024-2 breckenridge-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-11-1024x678-2breckenridge-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-09-1024x678-2 breckenridge-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-12-678x1024-2 breckenridge-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-13-1024x678-2 breckenridge-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-14-1024x678-2 breckenridge-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-15-1024x678-2mom-and-meg-hoosier-pass-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-01 After watching this video, I realized I hadn’t shared my pictures from Breckenridge yet! When I was growing up, we had a condo in Breck, and spent every weekend and all vacations there. We skied over and over down the slopes, went sledding and had delicious pulled pork sandwiches at the same place every time. We would wander through town and cool off in the creek during the summer months, go hiking and explore what seemed like endless forests. We also played Super Nintendo and would order pizza with my older brother which made sis and I feel pretty awesome. It was a town of magic, and a second home. Bringing Louis there this past summer meant the world to me, and sitting on the patio of Breckenridge Brewery with mom and a pretty fantastic backdrop made for the best day ever. We played tourist on the way up passing through South Park, which was pretty awesome.

It’s a little trip down memory lane, of a wonderful and brief afternoon stroll in downtown Denver one summer day. This type of stroll is nothing without the candy store at Writer’s Square and a beer or five at one of Denver’s many craft breweries. Candy and beer, this is going to sound a bit cliché, are two of my favorite things. Tangy sweets and hoppy beers. Colorful candy shops and refreshingly delicious beers always brighten the grayest of days. I tend to find my favorites in shops like this, rock candy, candy buttons, flavored tootsie rolls… it was one of those moments where one stocks up on unnecessary amounts of candy before we headed up the mountain for the rest of the weekend. My daydreams of little Denver treasures continue…

candy-and-beer-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-03candy-and-beer-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-01 candy-and-beer-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-02 candy-and-beer-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-05 candy-and-beer-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-06 candy-and-beer-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-07 candy-and-beer-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-08 candy-and-beer-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-09 candy-and-beer-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-10 candy-and-beer-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-11 candy-and-beer-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-12 candy-and-beer-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-13 candy-and-beer-de-quelle-planete-es-tu-14

Vert Kitchen - De quelle planete es tu - 1 Vert Kitchen - De quelle planete es tu - 2 Vert Kitchen - De quelle planete es tu - 3 Vert Kitchen - De quelle planete es tu - 4When in Denver, Vert Kitchen is one of my staple stops with my bestie Liz. Firstly, I love how it’s pronounced by them Coloradans: “v-urt”. Living in France by default I say it like “vay-r”, which clearly is not how it’s known. Regardless, this cozy spot (see my Date with Mama last year) is a great place for a healthy lunch year round. Locally grown produce, sustainable meats and dairy and homemade yumyums? YES PLEASE.

I am a big fan of their little salads that are paired perfectly with a sandwich.

Vert Kitchen
704 S Pearl St., Denver 80209
Tél: 303-997-5941

The-Cruise-Room-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-04One of Denver’s treasures is the ever so flappy Cruise Room. The Cruise Room is one of my step dad’s favorite places, and is the favorite for a lemon drop martini. With the fam we turned back in time one summer night, to this wonderfully 30s bar hidden inside the Oxford Hotel, for a cocktail and some good tunes.

The bar itself is claimed to be Denver’s first bar, opening after the repeal of the Prohibition in 1933. Believe it or not, it remains untouched, with its original art deco fabulously vintage decor. The lights, the walls, the glasses and the neon lights, the whole feel of being in the Cruise Room made me feel like I was in a 1930′s movie, out on the town.

Not to mention there is an actual jukebox.

The-Cruise-Room-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-03The-Cruise-Room-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-01 The-Cruise-Room-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-02The-Cruise-Room-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-05 The-Cruise-Room-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-06 The-Cruise-Room-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-07 The-Cruise-Room-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-08 The-Cruise-Room-De-quelle-planete-es-tu-09
The Cruise Room
1600 17th St. Denver, CO 80202
Tél: 303-628-5400