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L'Archipel Paris 01 De quelle planete es tu

L'Archipel Paris 02De quelle planete es tu

L'Archipel Paris01- De quelle planete es tu

L'Archipel Paris 03 De quelle planete es tu

L'Archipel Paris 04 De quelle planete es tu

L'Archipel Paris 05 De quelle planete es tu

L'Archipel Paris 06 De quelle planete es tu

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L'Archipel Paris 08 De quelle planete es tu

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L'Archipel Paris 13 De quelle planete es tu

L’Archipel, a space for collective innovation.

Under the nave you can enjoy a brunch solidaire, that changes from month to month. How great is that? When we went for Anne’s birthday with LLB, it was à la Méxicaine, and was a lovely place to escape the randomly chilly Spring weekend.

After your delicious brunch made possible by Les Camionneuses, stick around and read one of the hundreds of books that occupy the shelves, listen to music, use wifi, even do some yoga at 16h30! A very cool concept and a wonderful example of making use of beautiful spaces in the city.

Read more about their Sunday rituals here.

L’Archipel x Feel Good Brunch
26 bis rue de Saint Petersbourg, 75008 Paris
Reservations required:


Hops & Pie Denver01- De quelle planete es tu Hops & Pie Denver02- De quelle planete es tu Hops & Pie Denver05- De quelle planete es tu Hops & Pie Denver03- De quelle planete es tu Hops & Pie Denver04- De quelle planete es tu Hops & Pie Denver06- De quelle planete es tu Hops & Pie Denver07- De quelle planete es tu

Dinner dates with a homegirl are just the best. So for a little background, my best friend Liz loves her some pizza. Her house parties even in high school always involved delicious homemade pizza that I will never forget. Even when we did a summer internship in New York together during Uni, I always trusted her judgement when it came to pizza joints.

Anyways, she took me to one of her favorite Denver spots, Hops & Pie, for a dinner date when I was last in the Mile High City. I secretly wish there was one in Paris that I could go to all the fucking time because it was some top notch mountain pie. You can pair a brew with your artisanal pizza, with the help of their divine beer menu in a simple Mead binder (yeah, the kind you use in Elementary and Middle School… simplicity = key): cans, bottles and pours from both Colorado and other state’s craft breweries. The bar is impréssionnant, with the colorful taps lined up and loud conversation happening. It really is just a good place to be. That’s a nice feeling when you’re out to eat.

Simple and family friendly with a little hustle bustle, it’s some of Denver’s best pizza and the perfect spot for a dinner out or to be delivered to you while you’re binge watching a good series on Netflix.

Hops & Pie
3920 Tennyson Street
Denver, CO 80212
Tél: 303-477-7000

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Finally, a few photos of our nest just northwest of Paris. We made the decision to move outside of the Paris limits last fall (for Parisians it’s a “big deal” believe it or not). Needless to say, we couldn’t be happier where we are, and in our little nest. Asnières is like a village, filled with families and buildings that look like those of Paris… and my commute is shorter to work than when I lived IN Paris. Bref.

As an expat in Paris having a nest is what grounds me. Really, though. This space we have made our own, that reflects so much of each of our lives really makes Paris even better for me. It’s filled with new memories, and the walls and shelves are adorned with older ones. Everything I have is here in France (a few specific things like my artwork when I was a kid, or my oboe and recital music books and orchestra shiww, a few knick knacks and maybe a quilt…). It’s a pretty crazy thing to think about, but I suppose after 6 1/2 years one’s life solidifies in that place.

Redecorating the place has been just the best time, really a true hoot, and we are loving having so much light compared to our last nest in the 16th. I think we’re set for a while. Much more unneeded thrifting to be done, as per usual…


fondation-07-dequelleplaneteestufondation-12-dequelleplaneteestufondation-01-dequelleplaneteestu fondation-02-dequelleplaneteestu fondation-03-dequelleplaneteestu fondation-04-dequelleplaneteestu fondation-05-dequelleplaneteestu fondation-06-dequelleplaneteestu fondation-08-dequelleplaneteestu fondation-09-dequelleplaneteestu fondation-10-dequelleplaneteestu fondation-11-dequelleplaneteestu

This place’s green coffee cups has become a staple of the Parisian coffee scene, I know. They are all over Instagram of expats and Parisians. Bref, but for a good reason, this little café is just right for a morning coffee, afternoon coffee and cake, coffee to go… just good coffee any way you like it.

My new thing is keeping my eyes peeled for places I’m able to go to before work. Believe it or not folks, a lot of “cute” or “trendy” or “cozy” places open at like 10am… which isn’t ideal for the workin’ girl! Luckily for me and anyone else with a full time job, Fondation is one of those open early places where you can start your day off right, opening at a whopping 9am!

Oh, and if you haven’t already, read Lindsey’s epic write up on coffee in Paris.

Fondation Café
16 Rue Dupetit-Thouars, 75003
Métro: Temple (3)


blue-valentine-04-dequelleplaneteestublue-valentine-01-dequelleplaneteestu blue-valentine-03-dequelleplaneteestu blue-valentine-02-dequelleplaneteestublue-valentine-07-dequelleplaneteestu
blue-valentine-05-dequelleplaneteestu blue-valentine-06-dequelleplaneteestu

This date was a special one, with mom when she was in town. I had seen so many dreamy photos of Blue Valentine and heard nothing but good things so I knew it was the perfect place to reserve a meal out with mom.

To be completely honest, everything on the menu looked tempting, but we both went with the chicken dish. The entrée included for lunch was absolutely to die for and I’m not sure I could really say what it is but it was a purée with an egg yolk baked at a very specific temperature or something and it was just unbelievable and gooey and magical. All of the dishes were presented beautifully, so gourmet. Mom was really impressed with the wine list, but I stuck with a beer. The space was perfect and modern and tasteful, with bricks and artwork and beautiful tables and chairs.

Blue Valentine
13 Rue de la Pierre Levée, 75011
Métro: Parmentier (3) ou Oberkampf (5/9)
Tél: 01 43 38 34 72 (Reservations needed)