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This date was a special one, with mom when she was in town. I had seen so many dreamy photos of Blue Valentine and heard nothing but good things so I knew it was the perfect place to reserve a meal out with mom.

To be completely honest, everything on the menu looked tempting, but we both went with the chicken dish. The entrée included for lunch was absolutely to die for and I’m not sure I could really say what it is but it was a purée with an egg yolk baked at a very specific temperature or something and it was just unbelievable and gooey and magical. All of the dishes were presented beautifully, so gourmet. Mom was really impressed with the wine list, but I stuck with a beer. The space was perfect and modern and tasteful, with bricks and artwork and beautiful tables and chairs.

Blue Valentine
13 Rue de la Pierre Levée, 75011
Métro: Parmentier (3) ou Oberkampf (5/9)
Tél: 01 43 38 34 72 (Reservations needed)