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It was the first sunny day in a while.

Yesterday was the demonstration for Mariage Pour Tous [Marriage for all], a law that is to be . This was my first participation in a French manifestation. Exciting it was, indeed!

Passionate and emotional people of both sexes, all age groups and colors, gathered in the streets and marched to fight for equality in the country that holds the word in it’s slogan.

The sun was shining and people were chanting. It was just so powerful. And after the disgusting demonstration against this law that is to be voted on two weeks ago, some positivity was needed. What happened two weeks ago basically was 340k people from all over France gathering to fight against something that doesn’t even effect them. It made my heart ache to think about how many ignorant and close minded people there are in the world, and I am anxious for a change to be made especially in a powerful country like France. This will change the lives of so many families, children and couples.

It’s 2013. It’s time for people to be treated equal, and for everyone to be able to marry, adopt or have children with the person of their choosing- no matter what sex they are. The hundreds of Belgians that were marching yesterday are right….the cried, “Allez la France, un petit effort” [Come on France, give a little effort].

On a side note, all of the signs were so well done. Some of my favorite quotes from signs included:

“Homosexuality is not a choice, but equality is”

“We want to deal with the same shit as heteros deal with”

“Did anyone ever ask my opinion on your marriage?”

“Belgium legalized gay marriage in 2003, and the country still exists, and people still eat fries with mussels”

“Two moms is worth more than a shitty dad”

For some more pictures & opinions on the event, you can check out my friend Ana Clara’s blog for a good read.

Je suis fière d’être du bon côté de l’histoire.



  1. January 29, 2013

    Bravo for being there Meg and supporting such an important cause! I wasn’t in the city otherwise I would have loved to be! I feel like we’re all trapped in a 1960’s time warp, where homosexual citizens are still trying to be accepted members of society. I was disgusted at the strength of the manfi two weeks ago – you’re right above, it’s just doesn’t concern them, does it?! It’s just not fair that same-sex couples can’t marry and adopt. Let’s hope France wakes up and realises it’s 2013 and decides to make history!

  2. January 31, 2013

    I second that emotion!

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