Prague - De quelle planete es tu::1 Prague - De quelle planete es tu::2 Prague - De quelle planete es tu::3 Prague - De quelle planete es tu::4 Prague - De quelle planete es tu::5 Prague - De quelle planete es tu::6 Prague - De quelle planete es tu::7 Prague - De quelle planete es tu::8 Prague - De quelle planete es tu::9 Prague - De quelle planete es tu::10 Prague - De quelle planete es tu::11 Prague - De quelle planete es tu::12 Prague - De quelle planete es tu::13 Prague - De quelle planete es tu::14 Prague - De quelle planete es tu::15 Prague - De quelle planete es tu::16 Prague - De quelle planete es tu::17 Prague - De quelle planete es tu::18This story: A weekend in Prague with almost no research before hand on what we should actually do in Prague. Spontaneity at it’s finest with the Bird & I.

EasyJet went to Prague direct from Paris, which was a quick flight- only and hour and a half, and not a bad deal either. We arrived at night in Prague, as the sun was setting which made for a lovely drive down the hill into the city. We took a taxi service from our hotel, which ended up being significantly cheaper and less-stressful than taxis on the street (especially since every person who told me about Prague said to be careful in taxis…!) We asked the hotel reception about a good place to eat, and they directed us to Lavicka, which was DIVINE. I had the goulash, which made me quite excited. It was exquisite- goulash with potato dumplings with a glass of Czech red wine. The perfect Czech meal, or so I thought at least! The restaurant was well worth it’s value, very cheap for what we had. We each paid about the equivalent to 15euros and had an entree, meal, water (since they serve it by bottles there- heads up) and glass of wine. I thought it was a damn good deal for the amount of food we had! We then popped by the Coyote Bar for a cocktail and some Top 40 Hits.

The next day we hopped on the tram (24 hour pass for 100 Kc, which is about 3 euro or so) and started out with a cup of Starbucks Prague coffee (I can’t help it, I’m a fan on chains), and plus, we used the Wifi to google things we SHOULD see… and proceeded to screen shot maps of places like Charles Bridge, Hooters, and Cafés that seemed chill. I found it hard to “search” for things to do in Prague, which I later decided seems normal due to the fact that it is hard to communicate there. I don’t think I have ever been in a country where it was so hard to communicate! Luckily with some German, I got by to one guy about buying tram tickets, but damnnnn. The Czech like their Czech…. English or French often didn’t work.

Just wandering I couldn’t stop snapping photographs of all of the precious buildings- which seemed normal since they are known for their architecture. As we wandered we saw a billboard for Hooters, and I must say I was so excited there was a Hooters in Prague. How random is THAT!? We had dinner there… after a second serving of Goulash for lunch, of course.

We roamed across the Charles Bridge and up the steps around the Castle which was perfect with the sun we had while there- still chilly, which seemed normal to me for the beginning of March, but I was thankful for the sunshine.

Going to a foreign city for me is about wandering. Just being in a different environment, and going to Prague with no plans or any idea of touristic things or museums.. was perfect. And the pastel buildings bring a smile to my face.



  1. March 16, 2011

    The photos are awesome as usual. Prague was a total bloop moment. Especially all the beer and goulash.

  2. March 16, 2011

    I love that kind of tourism, so free, so intuitive. That´s what traveling is for me, you not always find things, sometimes you let yourself be found…
    Beautiful pics! ;)

    • Meg #
      September 2, 2011

      Thank you!!

  3. caro lion #
    March 16, 2011

    it all look like a fairy tale!

  4. Gabriela Valdivia #
    June 21, 2012

    Oh it looks so magical and rustic. DId you find many antiques there? I would love to go!!!

    • Meg #
      July 10, 2012

      I wish! I want to find antiques everywhere! AH!

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